About Us

KNK Consulting and Trade aims to provide communication between producer and consumer by using its commercial knowledge and experience in international markets. For this purpose, we offer the domestic labor of our producers to foreign markets and we present the products of foreign producers to the consumers within the borders of our country.

With our business plans based on consistent and measurable strategies, we produce solutions that are suitable for our clients' interests at all times and under all circumstances. We make efforts to ensure that our clients do not stay away from competition in their sectors with rational and modern methods, and have an innovative and development-oriented vision.


In the framework of the geographical and cultural advantages of our country, we serve in Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Energy, Tourism, Textile, general consumption materials and construction sectors. In line with the needs and demands of our clients, we take an active role in processes such as market research, development of sales and marketing strategies, management of the process between buyer and seller.
Local Market Support Services
  • Development of sales and market strategies required for the introduction of products to the domestic market,
  • Performing the right benefit-value analysis in the procurement process
  • Follow-up of sectoral fairs and effective implementation of the application process
  • Research of target area, potential dealers and distributors
  • Website Installation and Design
  • Company Installation Services
Import Support Services
  • Identifying the proper manufacturer and getting in contact
  • Determination of equivalent products and price research
  • Reporting of sectoral fairs and providing support during the application process
  • Support for customs legislation
  • Development of internal market research and sales strategies for the import product
Export Support Services
  • Identifying and communicating potential buyers for targeted market
  • Making memberships to sectoral web sites, introducing products on these sites
  • Follow-up of export incentives
  • Reporting of sectoral fairs and providing support during the application process
  • Website translation in the appropriate language for the targeted region
  • Product packaging design, purchase and supply support
  • Communication with foreign customers and meeting organization services


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